About ACAI

The company's factory was opened in December 1997, and the company began producing antibiotics in their three forms: capsules, dry syrups, and injections, and the main types are ampicillin, amoxicillin, and cephalexin. Antibiotics are one of the most important pharmaceutical groups, if not the most important at all, and have saved countless millions of human lives since the discovery of penicillin, which opened a new era in eliminating epidemics and bacterial diseases.Iraq (the company's headquarter country) has allocated a plot of land suitable for building the company's factory, with a total area of (1.5) million square meters, located in the Al-Mada'in area on the main road (Baghdad-Kut), at a distance of approximately 35 km south of the city of Baghdad.One of the international (consulting) companies specialized in the field of designing chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories prepared the factory designs according to the latest requirements for good pharmaceutical production, and the designs were approved by an FDA expert.

The Arab Company for Advanced Pharmaceutical Industries is driven by a distinct set of core values that underpin its identity and guide its actions. Here's a concise overview of these values:


Cultivating a culture of continuous advancement in pharmaceutical sciences to enhance healthcare outcomes.


Committed to upholding the highest standards across all operations, from research and development to customer service.


Prioritizing the improvement of patient outcomes by developing solutions that address unmet medical needs.


Valuing collaboration and partnerships internally and externally to achieve greater impact in the pharmaceutical industry.

At our pharmaceutical factory, we maintain a strong and motivated work team that plays a crucial role in achieving our vision and contributing to delivering quality products. Our team consists of a diverse and qualified group of professionals who share in achieving our goals and aspirations