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        ACAI for antibiotics industry


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       Arab company for antibiotics Industries (ACAI) is a joint Arab company established in Iraq under Law No.69/1982 as a company emanating from the Arab Company for Drug Industries (ACDIMA) Which was established by the decision of Arab Economic Unity Council issued on 4-6-1975 to highlight the importance of the production of Antibiotics in the Arab world and due to the good feasibility of the project and the availability of expertise and manpower and encouraging consumption rates of such lifesaving drugs in the Arab countries.

         The factory began production late 1997 and consists of three production departments to produce sterile injectables and dry suspension and capsules of Betalactam Antibiotics.
The plant was constructed according to the highest international standards for pharmaceutical Industries and the designs were approved by FDA experts.

* The company succeeded in getting the ISO 9001 Certificate in 2011.
* The company is currently producing Antibiotics according to GMP standards.


The company administered by a Board of comprised of representatives of the contributors to the company:
1. Arab company for drug industries and medical appliances (ACDIMA)- Jordan
2. Pension fund of retired workers-Iraq
3. State company for drug industry and its instrument -Iraq
4. Arab investment company -Saudi Arabia
5. Arab company for pharmaceutical manufacturing - Jordan
6. Pharmacists pension fund -Iraq
7. Arab center for pharmaceutical and chemical industries-Jordan
8. Pharmacists Syndicate -Iraq
9. Physicians Syndicate -Iraq























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